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3 weeks ago

Roofing Tips for this Summer.

With the official beginning of summer just around the corner and the extremely hot weather already here your mind is probably focused on summer vacations and swimming, ... See more

3 weeks ago


When preparing the home and property for summer, don’t overlook your roofing; now is the time to talk to a Paramount Roofing contractor for sound ... See more

4 weeks ago


Is it time to improve your home’s roof? Installing a new roof seems like a major undertaking, but it is a vital way to preserve your property’s ... See more

1 month ago

Is your Utilities bill high it could be because of Insulation.

There aren’t any homeowners who wouldn’t like lower utility bills. If you’re looking to keep your bills more level, even during ... See more

1 month ago

Stop your Roof from Baking by getting proper Ventilation,

Summers can get hot in Cape Town, which, at least for some, is a welcome break from long, cold winters.

But while the heat may feel good ... See more

1 month ago

Is it Condensation or is My Roof Leaking?

Spotting a water stain on your home’s ceilings can be quite worrying. If your roof is leaking, you’ll want to have it inspected right away, after all. A ... See more

1 month ago

Do not Ignore A Shingle Roof Leak.

No roof is going to last forever and when your shingle roof springs a leak, you have two options.

You can ignore the leak or you can get it fixed. While it’s ... See more

1 month ago

Shingle Roofing: Repairing Valley Leaks In 6 Easy Steps
Though roof valleys are common leak sites on shingle roofs, it’s typically fairly easy to fix these problems with a little know-how.

Roof ... See more

1 month ago

Common Roof Leak Repairs: Vent Pipe Damage
If you look at your home’s roof, you’re likely to see several vent pipes protruding from the flat surfaces. These vent pipes allow gases to safely exit ... See more

1 month ago

The Roof’s Top Problem Areas
Roof inspection should be at the top of your home maintenance priority list. Inspections let you get ahead of leaks, sparing you from costly damage. You can do your own ... See more

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